Curriculum and Instruction

This Curriculum and Instruction website is divided into two parts: Committees and Student Information. The first presents three committees, Curriculum Development for School Improvement, Professional Development for School Improvement, and Technology Committee for School Improvement. Each Committee link contains announcements of meeting dates and times along with meeting minutes and other relevant documents related to the Committee’s work.

The Student Information section contains 1)the Student Coursebook for 2009-2010, 2) a list of Student Proficiencies compiled by the CSSI based on surveys with staff, students, alumni, teachers, and parents, and 3) the district’s academic integrity policy along with questions and answers students may have on this topic.
 CSSI Committee (Curriculum Development for School Improvement)
 PDSI Committee (Professional Development for School Improvement)

TCSI Committee (Technology Committee for School Improvement)


Student Information

Student Coursebook


Student Handbook

Student Proficiencies

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