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Welcome to the District 219 ELL website!  Our program serves high school students who have recently arrived to the United States and are new to the English language.  We provide a full schedule for all students, regardless of language background or when they enter the program.   Students are placed in one of four levels based on their English proficiency. Our comprehensive English language program focuses on English language learning and literacy development in reading, writing, speaking, and listening with the goal to continue the students’ education and contribute to the social, economic, and political life of the United States. The curriculum focuses around WIDA, College Readiness, and Common Core State Standards. There is also a heavy focus on helping students integrate successfully into the academic and social life of the school.


Niles North:

Ricardo Aceves, Director of ELL - 847-626-2131 - ricace@d219.org  

Carmen Al-Bazi, Executive Assistant - 847-626-2133 - caralb@d219.org


Niles West:

Ricardo Aceves, Director of ELL -  847-626-2640 - ricace@d219.org

Barbara Drachenberg, Executive Assistant - 847-626-2665 - bardra@d219.org 


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If you are looking for information for Adult ESL classes, please contact:

●     Oakton Community College, ESL Office: 847-635-1426

●     Niles Township Schools’ ELL Parent Center: 847-568-7611